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Rejuvi Sea Remineralizing Seaweed Mask

Rejuvi Sea Remineralizing Seaweed Mask

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Rejuvi Sea Remineralizing Seaweed Mask

Product Details:

  • Volume: 550 grams, yielding approximately 18 masks.
  • Form: Powder
  • Professional-grade

Key Features:

  • Expertly formulated with a blend of seaweeds, herbs such as cica, and mineral salts to effectively calm skin irritation, reduce inflammation, and diminish redness.
  • Enriched with essential polysaccharides and devoid of any fillers.
  • Harnesses the unique properties of alginic acid for optimal penetration of actives.
  • Suitable for all skin types, providing a refreshing cool and calming sensation, particularly beneficial post-intensive treatments.


The Sea Remineralizing Facial Mask is a powerful fusion of diverse seaweeds, including spirulina and kelp, combined with healing herbs like cica. This mask not only soothes and reduces skin discomfort but also rejuvenates with its rich content of mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, and polysaccharides. A comprehensive solution, it promotes overall skin vitality and is balanced to suit all skin types.

Storage Instructions: Ensure the product is kept in a cool, dry environment. For added protection, this product includes food-grade desiccant packs.

About Rejuvi Gelee Seaweed Masks:

Derived from the bounties of the sea, seaweeds are rich in alginic acid—a unique compound that can absorb vast amounts of water, forming a thick and spreadable gel. The Rejuvi Seaweed Gelée Masks employ this gel texture as an advanced delivery system, ensuring deep absorption of active ingredients. The process of converting alginic acid into a gel has a cooling effect, producing a soothing sensation upon application. This mask is a universal fit for all skin types and offers enhanced benefits after rigorous skincare sessions.

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