Collection: Retinoid Treatment

Vitamin A, also called retinol, is a yellow, fat-soluble compound found in egg yolk, butter, carrots and other vegetables. It is an essential nutrient that helps develop and maintain normal skin. Vitamin A is referred to as a normalizer that could reverse skin abnormalities including pre-cancerous cells. In addition, vitamin A is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants.

Vitamin A has quite a few derivatives such as retinyl acetate, propionate, palmitate, etc. These derivatives are usually more stable than vitamin A with similar benefts to the skin. Both vitamin A and its derivatives have a distinct yellow color and are called retinoid in chemistry. All retinoid are soluble in oil only and are lipophilic. Due to its weak stability, very limited retinoid products are on the market. Even so, their strength is very low.

Rejuvi Retinoid Formula contains vitamin A and several derivatives in high concentration that constitute a unique, stable vitamin A complex. Rejuvi Retinoid Formula is designed for professional skin care.

The major benefts are:

1. Super anti-oxidation and scavenges free radicals

2. Promotes regeneration of collagen and elastin

3. Normalizes skin cells and prevents skin cancers

4. Helps minimize acne and pimples

5. Excellent complement to alpha-hydroxyl acid and chemical peels

For best results one to two Retinoid Treatments per week is recommended depending on skin response. A treatment period usually involves 6 to 8 treatments.

Pre-Conditioning Technique for AHA Treatment or Chemical Peels:
Alpha-hydroxyl acids and chemical peels generally utilize water soluble ingredients that penetrate hydrophilic skin sites well. However, these ingredients may not penetrate lipophilic skin sites well. In other words, these treatments might have weaknesses.

Due to the lipophilic nature of retinoid, (i.e., retinoid penetrates very well into the skin’s lipophilic sites experiments by Rejuvi have well proven this beneft), Rejuvi Retinoid Formula is an excellent complement to a hydrophilic treatment.

Therefore, Rejuvi Retinoid Treatments & home care can be used as a special pre-conditioning or preparation for AHA treatments or chemical peels (including Rejuvi Milk Peel). The pre-conditioning will signifcantly enhance the results of AHA treatments or chemical peels. Usually preconditioning takes 10 to 14 days (perform the Retinoid Treatment & aftercare program). 

Retinoid Treatments are usually performed after a general facial treatment such as a facial mask or facial massage.

Basic Products Required:
Rejuvi q Flavanoid Complex (optional)
Rejuvi v Nourishing Cream

Treatment Products Required:
Retinoid Formula - (Due to the strong, oxidative nature of retinoid, Retinoid Formula should be kept refrigerated when not in use).