Collection: Combination Oily Skin

Combination/oily skin, more oily than dry, often displays blackheads within a V-shaped area from under the eyes to the chin, while dryness is generally confined to the outer face and under the ears. This skin type tends to be shiny due to excess sebum, leading to enlarged pores, pimples, and congestion, including both surface-level pustules and deeper hormonal nodules.

It's important to avoid foods that exacerbate congestion, such as egg yolks, dairy, peanuts, fatty fish, and processed sugars, particularly for teens. Skincare products should be non-comedogenic, avoiding heavy ingredients like coconut or mineral oil which can clog pores. Instead, opt for emollient, lighter products that repair the skin’s barrier without causing congestion.

A thorough skincare regimen for combination/oily skin includes:

  1. A non-foaming gel cleanser that removes grime effectively, ideal for double cleansing in the evenings.
  2. Regular exfoliation with products containing AHAs or natural ingredients like papaya enzyme to manage blackheads and maintain clear pores.
  3. Hydrating and healing serums with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, or rosa damascena flower oil to support skin repair and balance sebum production.
  4. Lightweight, healing moisturizers and regular use of AHAs or BHAs, particularly suitable for lighter skin tones, while darker tones might prefer retinoids.

Regular facials, preferably monthly, with extractions can help manage oiliness, clear congestion, and maintain pore health. This comprehensive approach supports skin health, manages oil production, and addresses both immediate acne issues and long-term skin repair.