Collection: Skin tag & Mole Removal

Rejuvi has developed Spotaway - a new unique brown spot removal technique.

This technique makes melanin gradually separate from normal skin tissue and finally peel off. This “extraction” method is substantially more effective than traditional “bleaching” methods. Furthermore, Spotaway inhibits the skin’s “memory” to minimize the chance of brown spot regeneration which is the drawback of most other removal methods.

This technique is simple, easy and convenient. This method is designed for removing brown spots, freckles, and common moles (not malignant melanoma). This technique may be used to remove skin tags (small colourless skin elevation) and fat deposit (cholesterol pad). Rejuvi Spotaway is simple, easy, quick and convenient. It is the most advanced and cost effective tool for skin care professionals.

Treatment Products required:
Rejuvi Spotaway
topical anesthetic
Sanitary Cleanser or Mediwipe

Other equipment required:
Acne lancet
Magnified lamp


Treatment Procedure:
Important, before any treatment commences the client should have any moles, tags etc. examined by their Doctor, surgeon or healthcare provider and be sure that the area is safe for removal. Documentation should be completed to record these details.

Clean and sanitize the skin just above a brown spot or a mole. Apply a small drop of topical anesthetic, (may be optional for small marks but necessary for larger tags, moles etc.).

Gently and evenly scratch the skin right above the brown spot or mole with an acne lancet, a tattoo needle or an object with a sharp point. Using a magnifying lamp, to make sure scratching is even and complete. It is necessary to reduce the epidermal layer as much as possible without entering the lower dermal layers of the skin. Some slight bleeding is normal.

Stir Rejuvi Spotaway vigorously before use (the bottle is half full for mixing purpose). If too dry, a few drops of sterile water can be added to adjust viscosity. (Do not use tap or drinking water, do not reduce viscosity beyond how the product is supplied).

Apply very small amount (typically one drop) of Rejuvi Spotaway only on the scratched skin using a sterilized applicator, such as the steel rod included for mixing, or cuticle stick, toothpick or similar.

Please do not apply Spotaway on normal skin area.

Allow drying for 1-2 minutes and then wipe off with mediwipe, sterile Q tip or similar.

Repeat application of Spotaway for a second time and allow to dry for a few minutes to complete treatment. (may apply Spotaway 3 times for a large spot or mole).


Home Care Program:
Avoid contact with water for 10-12 hours or overnight. A circular bandage may be used to temporarily cover the treated area for taking shower. After 10-12 hours, the treated area can be washed. The area usually turns to dark, however, do not rub off the brownish scab on the skin.

The area should darken in colour over the next few days on the treated spot area and the scab will begin to lift and peel off in a few days (3-5 days, it takes longer for a mole). Do not force the scab off (moisten and may rub off gently after around 7 days).

In case that a significant redness or infection develops before the scab
peels off, a Bacitracin ointment should be applied daily until the problem is gone, or consult a Doctor for antibiotics. Infection can be caused by failing to adhere to the aftercare process.

After the scab peels off, the brown spot or mole will be completely gone. The treated skin area will show reddish colour with a dip (depending upon the spot size).

Apply Rejuvi h Super Soothing Cream on the area daily to help skin recovery (diminish redness and fill the dip). The skin may initially have a lighter tone and some redness that will take several months to resolve. Avoid sun exposure on treated area, it will be sensitive to UV damage and may burn much more easily than surrounding skin. Use physical sunblock (zinc) at the very minimum.