Collection: Advanced Moisturisers: Hydration for Every Skin Type

Explore our premium selection of Rejuvi moisturisers, each expertly formulated to meet diverse skincare needs. From light serums to rich creams, our range covers all bases.

For those with acne-prone or oily skin, our non-comedogenic 'y Light Moisturiser' offers a gentle touch of hydration without clogging pores.

Experience the hydrating power of our 'b Skin Moisturiser,' infused with luxurious pearl powder, perfect for maintaining moisture balance throughout the day.

For those with dry or mature skin, our 'v Nourishing Cream' provides deep, lasting hydration and nourishment.

Additionally, our 'b Moisturiser Lotion' offers a featherlight, mattifying solution that controls shine and serves as an excellent makeup primer.

Choose the perfect match for your skin type and embrace a tailored approach to healthy skin.

Advanced Moisturisers: Hydration for Every Skin Type