Collection: Deep Milk Peel

Rejuvi Peeling Formula can be also used to achieve a deep or visible skin exfoliation. This is called Rejuvi Deep Milk Peel. The deep peel exfoliates signifcantly more skin layers than Rejuvi Gentle Milk Peel.

Consequently, it is effective for tough skin problems such as depressed pits, acne marks, stretch marks, deep wrinkles, and other skin blemishes. Rejuvi Deep Milk Peel is a powerful aesthetic tool for tough skin problems.

Rejuvi Deep Milk Peel is not suitable for sensitive skin or allergic skin. Therefore, a candidate should be carefully screened for such treatment (usually 2 gentle Milk Peel could check skin compatibility fairly well). The client must be well educated and cautioned for home care after treatment (it is recommended to sign consent) In general, Rejuvi Deep Milk Peel should not be performed in hot summer or in climates with strong sunlight.

It is not recommended to perform a deep peel on a client more than twice per year, i.e., once for six months unless for a particular problem such as depressed pits or acne marks. For such conditions, one treatment per month with a few consecutive treatments (2-4) is usually needed. No microdermabrasion should be performed within 30 days before Deep Milk Peel. Do not perform Deep Milk Peel on opened skin such as infamed acne or broken skin.

Due to the melanocyte activity, there is a possible risk of hyper-pigmentation for Asian skin or dark skin. A special caution must be taken for sun protection or anti-pigmentation.

Basic Products Required: 
Rejuvi k Facial Cleanser 
Rejuvi Purifying Mask 
Rejuvi h Skin Healing Gel
Rejuvi h Super Soothing Lotion

Treatment Products Required:
Rejuvi Pre-Peel Solution
Rejuvi Peeling Formula

*Note all products are also used in the Gentle Peel Treatment