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r Skin Refreshener 960ml

r Skin Refreshener 960ml

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Rejuvi Skin Refreshener, the Perfect Finish to Your Cleansing Routine.

This exceptional toner is specially formulated to bring out the best in your skin, leaving it refreshed, balanced, and ready to absorb the full benefits of your serum and moisturiser.

Key Benefits:

Pore Refinement: AHA derivatives work diligently to reduce pore size, promoting a smoother complexion. Say goodbye to large pores and hello to refined, more evenly textured skin.

Neutral pH Balance: Our toner maintains a neutral pH balance, ensuring that your skin stays in its optimal state for healthy and vibrant results.

Enhanced Absorption: By gently exfoliating the top layer of skin cells, this toner allows your skin to absorb your favourite serum and moisturiser more effectively. Get the most out of your skincare routine!

Experience the transformative power of Rejuvi r Skin Refreshener, and elevate your skincare routine to a whole new level of excellence. Rediscover your skin's natural radiance and reveal a more youthful, healthier-looking complexion.

Application Spray a gentle mist onto the face at the end of your cleansing regime or, for an extra-deep cleanse for combination or oily skin, apply on a pad and wipe over the face.
Ingredients Aloe vera gel, propylene glycol, glycerin, panthenol, sodium lactate, papaya extract, chamomile extract, menthol, essential oil.
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