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p Skin Conditioner

p Skin Conditioner

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Rejuvi p Skin Conditioner helps regulate oil production.

This unique formula is designed to control and inhibit excessive hormone (androgen) in the skin, regulating and reducing the over production of oil or sebum which stops spots and acne before they happen. Skin conditioner is effective at eradicating acne blemishes and to convert oily skin to normal skin.

  • Controls Skin Hormone Production 
  • Reduces Oil and Sebum Production 
  • Converts Oily Skin to Normal 
  • Helps Prevent Break-outs 
  • Clears Acne and Spot Blemishes
Application Use every other night or twice a week. Apply at night to clean skin on either targeted areas or the entire face and leave on for at least 6 hours. Do not use with any other products, such as moisturizers or serums.
Ingredients Water, propylene glycol, SD-40, salicylic acid, zinc sulfate, pyridoxine HCI.
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