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Lightening Treatment

Lightening Treatment

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Achieve a harmoniously balanced skin tone with Rejuvi's advanced Melanin Reduction Treatment. This professional treatment targets uneven pigmentation, such as melasma and sun-induced discoloration, using a combination of effective, non-toxic ingredients.

Rejuvi's treatment incorporates a Lightening Treatment and Whitening Formula alongside a suite of other products designed to reduce excess melanin production caused by hormonal changes or UV exposure. The formula includes natural ingredients like precious pearl powder, kojic acid, licorice, and wheat germ extracts, all known for their skin-brightening properties. These ingredients work together to inhibit tyrosinase activity, reducing melanin production, and altering the melanogenesis pathway to favor the production of lighter pheomelanin.

This unique approach ensures a visible improvement in skin tone after just one session, lasting 60-70 minutes, without the use of traditional hydroquinone. Regular treatments, performed weekly or bi-weekly, help maintain and enhance the natural beauty of your skin, respecting individual genetic limits to skin lightening.

It's important to recognize that while significant improvements can be made, the Rejuvi Melanin Reduction Treatment works within the natural limits of your skin's potential for lightness, ensuring a safe and effective approach to managing skin tone.

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