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e Eyelash Revitalizer

e Eyelash Revitalizer

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e Eyelash Revitalizer, for longer, fuller eyelashes naturally.

Powerfully revitalize the look of your eyelashes with this fast-acting herbal complex that combines ginseng, ginkgo and angelica extract with B vitamins niacin, biotin and B12 to promote healthy lash growth.

Combining vitamins and minerals Rejuvi e beautifies eyelashes naturally.

  • Nourishes & Stimulates Follicles
  • Cleanses the Root
  • Contains Vitamins and Herbal Extracts
  • Makes Eyelashes Thicker & Lustrous
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Promotes Growth & Lengthens Eyelashes

Ideal product to maintain lash growth achieved with Rejuville Eyelash Revitalizer

Skin Type Mature Skin, Acne Prone Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Oily Skin
Area Facial / Body Hair, Eye Area
volume 9ml
Application Carefully coat the tips of your lashes with the applicator brush, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. Use nightly. If an irritation or allergic reaction occurs, stop using immediately.
Ingredients Deionized water, propylene glycol, ginseng extract, arnica extract, angelica extract, ethanol, calcium panthothenate, niacin, panthenol, pyridoxine, biotin
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