Collection: Skin Tag & Mole Removal Aftercare

Avoid contact with water for 10-12 hours or overnight. A circular bandage may be used to cover the treated area temporarily for taking shower. After 10-12 hours, the treated area can be washed (usually turns dark), however, do not rub or pick off the brownish scab on the skin.

The treated spot area will become darker and a scab will peel of in a few days (3-5 days, it takes longer for a mole). Do not force the scab off (may rub off very gently).

After the scab peels off, the brown spot or mole will be completely gone. The treated skin area will be a reddish colour with a dip (depending upon the spot size).

Apply Rejuvi h Super Soothing Cream on the area daily to help skin recovery (diminish redness and fll the dip). In case that a signifcant redness or infection develops before the scab peels off client should consult GP to obtain anti biotic ointment. Client should avoid sun exposure on treated area for two to three months. If area remains reddish or raises up then use Rejuvi Scar Care Gel twice daily until area returns to normal.