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q Flavonoid Complex

q Flavonoid Complex

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This unique gel serum is packed with a powerful complex of nutrients to heal and feed your skin. Vitamins P and K and grape seed extract calm redness and strengthen blood vessel walls to help prevent the leakage that can lead to broken capillaries and spider veins. Vitamin C brightens and protects your skin, while supporting the production of collagen.

  • Strengthens Blood Vessels
  • Reverses & Prevents Spider Veins, Broken Capillaries & Redness
  • Contains Vitamin P, Vitamin K, and Grape Seed Extract
  • Reduces skin sensitivity after aggressive treatments

Contains Vitamin P (Bioflavonoid), Vitamin K & Grape Seed Extract


Important Note:
This product contains oils that over time are not compatible with the adhesive used on the silver plated pump, causing the finish to degrade or flake off which is undesirable and makes for difficult application. To avoid this wipe with damp cloth, or rinse with water after use to remove any excess product on the dispenser.  


Rejuvi Q Flavanoid on YouTube


To treat Spider Veins:
use for the prevention or to diminish broken capillaries and spider veins. Use 3-4 portions of Q flavanoid Complex combined with 1 portion of x cell vitamin c complex.

To enhance absorption of vitamin c products:
Q flavanoid complex helps increase stability and absorption of Vitamin c products, such as Rejuvi x cell vitamin c complex. Use 1 portion of Q flavanoid complex combined with 3-4 portions of x cell.

Reduce skin sensitivity:
To help reduce skin sensitivity use 1 portion of q Flavanoid complex combined with 1 portion of x cell vitamin c complex, or 2 portions of Rejuvi massage oil.

To help heal skin bruise and injury apply directly. Do not mix.


Application Use daily on cleansed skin and massage in lightly using upward strokes. For easier application on combination/dry skin types, mix with a few drops of Rejuvi x-cell Vitamin C Complex, while those with combination/oily skin can mix with a little Rejuvi H Healing Gel.
Ingredients Bioflavonoid extract, arnica extract, sweet almond oil, polysorbate 20, grape seed extract, coenzyme Q10, potassium sorbate, essential oil.
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