Skin Tone & Blemishes

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  1. Rejuvi d Clearing Gel

    d Clearing Gel

    Regular Price: £22.99

    Special Price: £16.95

    Rejuvi d Clearing Gel is a highly penetrating formula that effectively targets age, liver & brown spots, freckles and undesirable pigmentation. Learn More
  2. Rejuvi Scar Care Gel

    Scar Care Gel


    A unique highly penetrating DMSO based gel that can help reduce scarring such as hypertrophy and keloid scar tissue and reduce discolouration. Learn More
  3. Rejuvi w Lightening Serum

    w Lightening Serum

    Regular Price: £38.99

    Special Price: £34.95

    Our most potent and advanced award winning skin whitening product. Reduce uneven skin tone, melasma, age spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Learn More
  4. Rejuvi w Skin Whitening Cream

    w Skin Whitening Cream

    Regular Price: £25.99

    Special Price: £19.95

    effectively lightens and removes unwanted patches of skin pigment on the face and body, which evens the skin tone and helps return it to its natural state. Learn More
  5. Rejuvi y Renewal Gel

    y Renewal Gel


    A wonderful balm for acne prone and oily skin. This special gel infused with EGF (epidermal growth factor) enhances the skins immune system and promotes skin renewal. Aloe vera and chamomile soothes and reduces inflammation. Helps reduce excess sebum (blackheads) and normalises skin oil production, refining skin texture. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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