Skin tag & Mole Removal

Rejuvi has developed Spotaway - a new unique brown spot removal technique.

This technique makes melanin gradually separate from normal skin tissue and finally peel off. This “extraction” method is substantially more effective than traditional “bleaching” methods. Furthermore, Spotaway inhibits the skin’s “memory” to minimize the chance of brown spot regeneration which is the drawback of most other removal methods.

This technique is simple, easy and convenient. This method is designed for removing brown spots, freckles, and common moles (not malignant melanoma). This technique may be used to remove skin tags (small colorless skin elevation) and fat deposit (cholesterol pad). Rejuvi Spotaway is simple, easy, quick and convenient. It is the most advanced and cost effective tool for skin care professionals.

Treatment Products required:
Rejuvi Spotaway
Painaway Solution (topical anesthetics)
Rejuvi Sani-clean

Other equipment required:
Acne lancet
Magnifed lamp

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