Tough Acne Treatment

Rejuvi Tough Acne Treatment is very innovative & efective for treating acne conditions that have not responded to other treatments. This treatment has produced many remarkable results. Always try the regular Rejuvi Acne Treatment frst before using this treatment.

Basic products needed: 
Rejuvi f Facial Cleanser
Rejuvi r Skin Refreshener
Rejuvi Purifying Mask 
Rejuvi h Skin Healing Gel
Rejuvi Herbal Mask 
Rejuvi m Massage Oil

Treatment Products Required:
Rejuvi Normalizing Formula
Rejuvi Conditioning Formula
Rejuvi Sani-clean 
Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula #2  

* These items are used in the regular Acne Treatment

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  1. f Facial Wash
    Rejuv f facial wash for Oily skin. This foaming facial wash is ideal for gently cleansing oily skin without stripping it of natural nourishing oils. (200 ml.) Learn More
  2. Herbal Mask
    Rejuvi’s natural herbal mask refines and revitalises the skin. Learn More
  3. r Skin Refreshener
    The final step in your cleansing regime. AHA derivatives help reduce pore size and provide a neutral PH balance. Learn More
  4. h Skin Healing Gel

    98% Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract Gel. Soothes and calms sun burn, wind burn, chapped or dry skin, insect bites and damaged skin. Ideal for use as a light moisturizer and for acne prone skin. Can be added to clay masks to reduce any sensitivity. 

    Learn More
  5. Purifying Mask
    For smoother, clearer and more refined skin. It’s especially good for oily and blotchy skin, ensures deep cleansing and exfoliation. Learn More
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