Gentle Milk Peel

Rejuvi Gentle Milk Peel Treatment is a unique way to achieve excellent skin improvements without visible skin exfoliation. This method is applicable to most skin types and is risk-free for estheticians. It combines Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula and Rejuvi Peeling Formula to impart the benefits signifcantly more than any alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA Treatment).

Rejuvi Milk Peel (Peeling Formula) utilizes natural extract from sour milk (lactic acid), papain (enzyme from papaya), and salicylic acid (from natural plants). Rejuvi Milk Peel provides a safe skin exfoliation process without side efects often associated with phenol and TCA peels.

Improvements in elasticity, skin tone and skin smoothness plus the reduction of fne lines are the major benefts of this treatment. It is recommended to perform this treatment once per week. A treatment period usually includes 4 consecutive treatments. It is highly recommended to stop for one month before starting a new treatment period (to minimize possible hyper-pigmentation).

Basic Products Required: 
Rejuvi k Facial Cleanser 
Rejuvi Purifying Mask 
Rejuvi h Skin Healing Gel
Rejuvi x-cell Vitamin C Complex
Rejuvi s Facial Sun Block

Optional: Rejuvi Hydrating Mask (for dry skin)

Treatment Products Required:
Rejuvi Pre-Peel Solution
Rejuvi Peeling Formula
Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula #1

Rejuvi c Skin Care Formula (for sensitive skin)
Normalizing Formula (for Acne skin)


Pre-Conditioning Technique for AHA Treatment or Chemical Peels:
Alpha-hydroxyl acids and chemical peels generally utilize water soluble ingredients that penetrate hydrophilic skin sites well. However, these ingredients may not penetrate lipophilic skin sites well. In other words, these treatments might have weaknesses.

Due to the lipophilic nature of retinoid, (i.e., retinoid penetrates very well into the skin’s lipophilic sites experiments by Rejuvi have well proven this beneft), Rejuvi Retinoid Formula is an excellent complement to a hydrophilic treatment.

Therefore, Rejuvi Retinoid Treatments & home care can be used as a special pre-conditioning or preparation for AHA treatments or chemical peels (including Rejuvi Milk Peel). The pre-conditioning will signifcantly enhance the results of AHA treatments or chemical peels. Usually preconditioning takes 10 to 14 days (perform the Retinoid Treatment & aftercare program). 

See Rejuvi Retinoid Treatment

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  1. c Skin Care Formula

    Safe AHA treatment for home, gently exfoliates dead skin cells and debris and promotes skin metabolism.

    Learn More
    Regular Price £39.95 Special Price £29.95
  2. h Skin Healing Gel

    98% Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract Gel. Soothes and calms sun burn, wind burn, chapped or dry skin, insect bites and damaged skin. Ideal for use as a light moisturizer and for acne prone skin. Can be added to clay masks to reduce any sensitivity. 

    Learn More
    Regular Price £19.95 Special Price £17.95
  3. h Super Soothing Lotion (100ml)
    Natural anti inflammatory soothing lotion, calm damaged skin and aids recovery. Ideal for use after aggressive skin treatments Learn More
    Regular Price £31.95 Special Price £24.95
  4. Hydrating Mask
    Intense moisturisation. This non-clay Hydrating Mask is specially designed for very dry or sensitive skin. Learn More
    Regular Price £23.95 Special Price £15.95
  5. k Facial Cleanser
    For Normal and Combination Skin. A complete gel AHA cleanser for normal or combination skin which has an oily ‘T’ Zone. (200 ml.) Learn More
    Regular Price £22.95 Special Price £16.95 As low as £15.95
  6. Purifying Mask
    For smoother, clearer and more refined skin. It’s especially good for oily and blotchy skin, ensures deep cleansing and exfoliation. Learn More
    Regular Price £19.95 Special Price £17.95
  7. s Facial Sun Block (SPF 40)
    The latest sun protection technology brings you a facial sun block which uses micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide superior physical protection against all wavelengths of UVB and UVA. Learn More
    Regular Price £19.95 Special Price £16.95
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