Anti Aging Eye Treatment

This powerful eye treatment combines a series of unique Rejuvi products to achieve a synergistic, anti-aging efect on the eye area.

These treatment steps are carefully arranged in a special sequence so that the delicate eye area can safely reap the benefts of these treatments. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, pufness and baggy eyes can be improved or diminished. A treatment period consists of 4-6 treatments, plus the home care program.

The treatment can be performed every week or every other week depending upon skin condition.

Basic Products Required: 
Rejuvi Eye Makeup Remover 
Rejuvi k Facial Cleanser 
Rejuvi r Skin Refreshener 
Rejuvi i Eye Repair Gel
Rejuvi Bio Mask 
Rejuvi Hydrating Mask 
Rejuvi h Skin Healing Gel 
Rejuvi a Retinyl Serum 
Rejuvi m Massage Oil (optional) 
Rejuvi x-cell Vitamin C Complex
Rejuvi z Facial Contour Serum 

Treatment Products Required:
Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula #1

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  1. a Retinyl Serum
    This powerful anti-aging serum contains a highly concentrated Vitamin A complex to support the production of collagen and improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Learn More
  2. Bio Mask
    Bio Mask cleanses the skin and provides effective nourishment using highly refined vegetable extracts, proteins and liposomes. Skin is left feeling soft and silky with a noticeable improvement in firmness. Learn More
  3. Eye Makeup Remover
    Eye Makeup Remover, light and gentle this make up remover easily removes both regular and waterproof makeup without irritation or residue. Learn More
  4. h Skin Healing Gel

    98% Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract Gel. Soothes and calms sun burn, wind burn, chapped or dry skin, insect bites and damaged skin. Ideal for use as a light moisturizer and for acne prone skin. Can be added to clay masks to reduce any sensitivity. 

    Learn More
  5. Hydrating Mask
    Intense moisturisation. This non-clay Hydrating Mask is specially designed for very dry or sensitive skin. Learn More
  6. i Eye Repair Gel
    A cooling, soothing eye gel that absorbs quickly to reduce the look of puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. Learn More
  7. k Facial Cleanser
    For Normal and Combination Skin. A complete gel AHA cleanser for normal or combination skin which has an oily ‘T’ Zone. (200 ml.) Learn More
    Regular Price £24.95 Special Price £19.95 As low as £17.95
  8. r Skin Refreshener
    The final step in your cleansing regime. AHA derivatives help reduce pore size and provide a neutral PH balance. Learn More
  9. x Cell Vitamin C Complex Serum
    Reduce lines and wrinkles, maintain skin elasticity & firmness and corrects uneven skin tone. High concentrations of vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Mulberry extract which are rich in flavonoids enhance cell renewal. Learn More
  10. z Facial Contour Serum

    This special contouring serum has been specially developed to address loose skin below the chin on the neck area. Firms and tones the skin with theophyllisilane, herbal extracts and Caffeine.

    Learn More
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