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Rejuvi aims to combine advanced herbalogy, beauty secrets from the Orient with modern cosmetic chemistry and the latest dermatological research to provide a unique synergistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvi Laboratory, Inc. has developed extensive professional skin treatments for a variety of skin problems. These professional treatments have produced many remarkable results. Consequently, Rejuvi professional treatments are very powerful tools for estheticians, dermatologists and skincare professionals.

Skin problems are usually complicated and highly individualized. There is no universal method or treatment for solving all skin problems. After becoming familiarized with Rejuvi professional products we highly encourage skin care professionals to modify these procedures or develop their own methods - to ‘customize’ the treatments based on the needs of their clients. Treatments can be strung together to further enhance one another, for example Rejuvi Retinoid treatment can be used as a preconditioing technique to Chemical Peel. Or treatments can be used as an overall treatment program to rectify complex skin conditions. i.e. if dealing with acne, you may start with treatments to clear up the acne, followed by treatments to rectify acne scarring, possibly with further treatments to reduce pore sizes and then to even out the complexion.

Rejuvi Professional treatments are simple to perform yet offer advanced results without the need of specialist or expensive equipment, or numerous devices to set up. So they are even ideal for those who operate on a mobile basis or with limited space. Many of the products are availble in both small (retail) or larger salon sizes to suit your workflow and budget.

Please note that there are certain basic Rejuvi products that are consistently used in many Rejuvi professional treatments. Initially you may have to acquire a number of products in order to perform a treatment, however once you have these you will merely need to add a few specialised treatment products to perform other treatments.

Please see the relevant treatment section for information, regarding both the basic and treatment products required, along with aftercare products a client can use to enhance the results.

This section is for professional skin care products. To view the products and treatments in this category please apply for a trade account.

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  1. Bio Mask
    Bio Mask cleanses the skin and provides effective nourishment using highly refined vegetable extracts, proteins and liposomes. Skin is left feeling soft and silky with a noticeable improvement in firmness. Learn More
  2. Exfoliating Mask
    This non-clay mask removes skin debris, sebum and grime leaving you with a softer and brighter complexion. Rejuvi’s Exfoliating Mask is ideal for acne, oily or aged skin. Learn More
  3. Eye Makeup Remover
    Eye Makeup Remover, light and gentle this make up remover easily removes both regular and waterproof makeup without irritation or residue. Learn More
  4. Herbal Mask
    Rejuvi’s natural herbal mask refines and revitalises the skin. Learn More
  5. Hydrating Mask
    Intense moisturisation. This non-clay Hydrating Mask is specially designed for very dry or sensitive skin. Learn More
  6. L Body Lotion
    The world’s first body lotion to provide GLA by topical delivery. Can help to alleviate symptoms of PMS including bloating and irritability, blood clotting and even arthritis. Learn More
  7. Purifying Mask
    For smoother, clearer and more refined skin. It’s especially good for oily and blotchy skin, ensures deep cleansing and exfoliation. Learn More
  8. Rejuvi Sea Remineralizing Seaweed Mask
    Experience the healing touch of the Rejuvi Sea Remineralizing Seaweed Mask. Enriched with seaweeds, calming herbs like cica, and mineral salts, this mask is expertly designed to soothe irritation, diminish inflammation, and reduce redness. Perfect for all skin types, it promises deep nourishment and a refreshing cooling sensation, especially after intensive treatments. Dive into the rejuvenating embrace of the sea! Learn More
    Only available to registered trade customers
  9. Rejuvi Tattoo Remover

    **In Stock, available to registered trade customers only.** Rejuvi Tattoo Remover utilizes an unique chemical extraction mechanism to soften the tattoo pigments and gradually move them to the skin surface. 

    Learn More
  10. Sani Clean, hand and face sanitizer gel with Aloe Vera (960ml)
    Sani-clean combines 60% ethanol and 10% isopropanol in an anti-septic cleanser that combats germs, bacteria, and viruses. Aloe vera and glycerin reduce drying effects to the skin. Learn More
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