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  1. Rejuvi A Asta Enhancing Serum

    A Asta Enhancing Serum


    Astaxanthin is the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world (up to 1000 times more effective than vitamin C and 500 times more than vitamin E). Natural Astaxanthin has several major skin benefits: Super anti-oxidation & cell protection , diminishes freckles facial spots and improves skin tone, increases elastin & skin moisture level and diminishes fine lines or wrinkles Learn More
  2. Rejuvi d Clearing Gel

    d Clearing Gel


    Rejuvi d Clearing Gel is a highly penetrating formula that effectively targets age, liver & brown spots, freckles and undesirable pigmentation. Learn More
  3. Rejuvi Facial Firming Mask

    Facial Firming Mask


    Rejuvi Facial Firming Mask with DMAE & Kinetin, provides proven skin firming & toning, improves skin tone and reduces wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. Learn More
  4. Rejuvi i Eye Repair Gel

    i Eye Repair Gel

    Regular Price: £26.99

    Special Price: £22.95

    i Eye Repair Gel 30g unique penetrating eye gel reduces puffiness, bags and dark circles while strengthening the skins immunity and elasticity. Superior moisturisation without stickiness. Learn More
  5. Rejuvi r Clearing Toner

    r Clearing Toner


    Remove heavy metal ions on the skin Learn More

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