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  1. Rejuville Eyelash Revitalizer

    Rejuville Eyelash Revitalizer


    A breakthrough in lash growth enhancement our unique combination of vitamins and herbal extracts nourishes the eyelash preventing dyness, brittleness and protecting against breakage while dramatically enhancing growth, length and strength.

    For the ultimate in luxury lashes, without the fuss.
    3.5 ml (approx 3-4 month supply used daily).

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  2. Rejuvi p Solution for Acne Skin

    p Solution for Acne Skin

    Regular Price: £24.99

    Special Price: £17.95

    This high power solution, penetrates skin quickly tackling break-outs of acne and spots. Can also be used to further enhance the effectiveness of Normalizing Cream. Learn More
  3. Rejuvi p Skin Conditioner

    p Skin Conditioner

    Regular Price: £25.99

    Special Price: £22.95

    Inhibits hormone (androgen) and converts oily skin to normal Inhibits excessive hormones regulating the over-production of oil and sebum preventing breakouts. Converts oily skin to normal skin. Learn More
  4. Rejuville Hair Conditioner

    Rejuville Hair Conditioner


    For super hair manageability and reduction of mechanical hair loss Learn More
  5. Rejuvi b Moisturizer Lotion

    b Moisturizer Lotion (100ml)

    Regular Price: £34.99

    Special Price: £29.99

    b Moisturizer Lotion, a light moisturiser perfect for normal and oily skin. Totally non-comeogenic and is ideal for when light hydration is required. (100 ml.)

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  6. Rejuvi Plus Vital Protection Day Cream

    Rejuvi Plus, Vital Protection Day Cream


    This high-performance day cream is packed with Active Botanical Complex – an exclusive anti-aging formula – and extracts of mulberry and stable vitamin C to protect, smooth and brighten. It glides onto your skin, boosting hydration and elasticity while giving you a gorgeous youthful glow. Learn More
  7. Rejuville Hair Tonic

    Rejuville Hair Tonic


    Rejuville Hair Tonic contains the mixture of Oriental herbal extracts, including ginkgo biloba and plant worm extract in high concentrations. It helps inhibit hormone that contribute to hair loss while nourishing the scalp and hair follicles to encourage new hair growth. Learn More
  8. Rejuvi y Light Moisturizer

    y Light Moisturizer


    A lightweight daily moisturizer with refreshing and revitalizing qualities, perfect for oily skin, young adults or complexions prone to acne. Learn More
  9. Rejuvi Sani-Clean



    Sani-clean combines ethanol and isopropanol in an anti-septic cleanser that combats germs, bacteria, and viruses. Aloe vera and glycerin reduce drying effects to the skin. Learn More
  10. Rejuvi p Normalizing Cream (for open acne skin)

    p Normalizing Cream (for open acne skin)

    Regular Price: £19.99

    Special Price: £14.95

    A more gentle formulation of the regular acne cream, suitable for open sores or those with more sensitive skin. Clears acne and spots fast.

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