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  1. Rejuvi a Retinyl Serum

    a Retinyl Serum


    A superior vitamin A anti-aging serum containing antioxidants and brightening properties. Learn More
  2. Rejuvi p Solution for Acne Skin

    p Solution for Acne Skin

    Regular Price: £24.99

    Special Price: £17.95

    This high power solution, penetrates skin quickly tackling break-outs of acne and spots. Can also be used to further enhance the effectiveness of Normalizing Cream. Learn More
  3. Rejuvi w Lightening Serum

    w Lightening Serum

    Regular Price: £38.99

    Special Price: £34.95

    Our most potent and advanced award winning skin whitening product. Reduce uneven skin tone, melasma, age spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Learn More
  4. Rejuvi y Light Moisturizer

    y Light Moisturizer


    A lightweight daily moisturizer with refreshing and revitalizing qualities, perfect for oily skin, young adults or complexions prone to acne. Learn More
  5. Rejuvi y Renewal Gel

    y Renewal Gel


    A wonderful balm for acne prone and oily skin. This special gel infused with EGF (epidermal growth factor) enhances the skins immune system and promotes skin renewal. Aloe vera and chamomile soothes and reduces inflammation. Helps reduce excess sebum (blackheads) and normalises skin oil production, refining skin texture. Learn More
  6. Rejuvi p Skin Conditioner

    p Skin Conditioner

    Regular Price: £25.99

    Special Price: £22.95

    Inhibits hormone (androgen) and converts oily skin to normal Inhibits excessive hormones regulating the over-production of oil and sebum preventing breakouts. Converts oily skin to normal skin. Learn More
  7. Rejuvi p Normalizing Cream (for open acne skin)

    p Normalizing Cream (for open acne skin)

    Regular Price: £19.99

    Special Price: £14.95

    A more gentle formulation of the regular acne cream, suitable for open sores or those with more sensitive skin. Clears acne and spots fast.

    Learn More
  8. Rejuvi c Skin Care Formula

    c Skin Care Formula


    safe AHA treatment for home, gently exfoliates dead skin cells and debris and promotes skin metabolism. Learn More
  9. Rejuvi Exfoliating Mask

    Exfoliating Mask


    This non-clay mask removes skin debris, sebum and grime leaving you with a softer and brighter complexion. Rejuvi’s Exfoliating Mask is ideal for acne, oily or aged skin. Learn More
  10. Rejuvi g AHA Serum

    g AHA Serum

    Regular Price: £27.99

    Special Price: £24.95

    AHA serum exfoliates dead skin cells, sebum and grime whilst refining skin tissue. Fast penetrating gel, ideal for oily and acne skin. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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